Thursday, March 26, 2015

Common Courtesy R.I.P or How to Embrace Realistic Cynicism and Not Become a Homicidal Maniac

In transit last evening to purchase a sub (the sandwich not the naval vessel), and as I was attempting to make my unprotected left turn into the parking lot of the sub shop, some young hipster from two lanes over in a driveway to my right decides that it's his turn or else and royally fucks me over from making my left turn.  Nice.  Then after making this left turn, Miss Vapid Self-Absorbed abruptly cuts me off in the parking lot as she chows on her fries or onion rings or whatever.

The basic human response to this would be rage or wrath but I'm older and wiser....well I just craft an unrepeatable combination of curse words in my mind to describe each of these winners and go and get my sandwich.

Why this post?  Well, between this, the texting zombies, the cell phone worshipers, the elevator rushers, and the generally we-just-don't-pay-any-attention-at-all vibe of the populace...fuck...when did common courtesy die?  For me, it died awhile back but as a foolish believer in the goodness of others, I guess I'm in a fantasy world where common courtesy is somehow still out there.

Never fear...cynicism is here!  I guess this is the point in life where I realize that cynicism isn't an attitude or a "world view"'s a skill!  Now, when I think about how somebody isn't worth the flesh that they were printed on in my own local space cadet infested dystopia, I can actually feel like I've somehow accomplished something with my talent.  And it's true really.  If I gave one tenth of a fuck about this sort of thing, I'd probably be a raving murderous lunatic....hell bent on death and destruction....with a rusty spoon so that it would take as long as possible.

On a more positive note, Donald Fagen is currently in my world both musically and linguistically.  "The Nightfly" is in the player and I'm currently reading "Eminent Hipsters"...his memoir of sorts.  The music is timeless in my opinion and the album feels like it could have been the next Steely Dan record at the time had they not stopped working.  Periodically, this album gets stuck in the player.  It's so good.  The book is scathing, harsh, and hilarious.  Both worth checking out if you're so inclined.

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